Service: Hydraulic technology for your installations


Our teams of qualified technicians work on your hydraulic equipment to guarantee optimum productivity.
SECOFLUID has a team of experienced technicians trained in the most advanced hydraulic technologies. We operate in France but also abroad on complex systems requiring great hydraulic skills.
The support of our design office and our partners gives us full legitimacy to guarantee you quality services to meet your requirements.


Our locations

Service Centres in the Region

SECOFLUID wishes to establish regional service centres in order to guarantee a technical presence as close as possible to the sites of its customers. To this end, we set up teams of business managers and technicians to take charge of all the hydraulic interventions you will need for your machine fleet.


  • 2015: Implantation in progress on the Ile de France region in Bondoufle
  • Early 2015: Implantation planned in Normandy



Our services


Diagnostics and settings

The service team intervenes on your site to perform the troubleshooting, adjustment or commissioning of your hydraulic systems.  

Retrofit: rehabilitation of your hydraulic systems

We propose to rehabilitate all of your hydraulic installations (power stations, equipped blocks, etc. ...).

SECOFLUID takes care of the complete refurbishment of your installations (disassembly and repair of components, piping, painting, electrical wiring and commissioning).

SECOFLUID sets up a test protocol that guarantees the operation of your installation according to the specifications.


Fluid treatment

Our teams are at your service to carry out the analysis of your fluids and implement the means of depollution adapted to the requirements of your installations.
Particulate cleaning, decontamination and dehydration of the contents of your small and large volumes.
We also offer the rental of our decontamination and dehydration equipment in order to rid your installations of the water and particles that they may contain.

If you have any questions, please contact your local sales representative. 

More information on the rental of depollution equipment.  




Piping for your hydraulic systems (rigid, flexible, stainless steel, welding certifications).
Our welders have all the necessary authorisations for the realisation of welding work in an industrial environment.

Servo control

Maintenance intervention to adjust or rehabilitate all the servo systems installed on your hydraulic systems.  

Our certifications

All our technicians have the necessary certifications for operations in industrial, offshore and port environments:

  • ISO 9001
  • N1 / N2 chemical hazards accreditation
  • S, H10, B2V electrical accreditation
  • Structures (overhead cranes, aerial platforms, forklifts ...)
  • Bosiet "Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)"
  • Welding certification

Contact us

You would like information about:

  • On-site hydraulic maintenance
  • A retrofit of your hydraulic equipment
  • An analysis of the quality of your oil
  • Depollution of your circuits (rental of equipment)
  • Piping for your hydraulic systems

Our service project managers are at your disposal to carry out a technical offer adapted to your projects

Call the service centre on +33

More information about our maintenance service  


Repair of hydraulic components

If you wish to have a hydraulic component repaired (pumps, motors, hydrostatic transmission) our "repair" manager is at your service to offer you the precise diagnosis of your equipment and make a corresponding repair offer.



More information about our components repair service