Hydraulic and mechanical repairs

banner-repair-1 Whatever the brand of your components, our technicians specialise in repairing it by integrating only original parts, according to the recommendations and adjustments of the manufacturers.

certfication-secofluidAfter repair, your equipment is imperatively tested and placed on our test bench to validate the conformity of the original performances.

A complete report including a repair certificate and test curves is systematically established and can be attached to the repaired component. Any repairs carried out in our workshops benefit from the SECOFLUID guarantee.

As a recognised expert, we are certified as an "authorised repairer" by our partner BOSCH REXROTH.

Pump, Hydraulic Motors and
Hydrostatic Transmissions


Bridges, gearboxes, reducers


Video of an example of pump and hydraulic motor repair:


A well-established process

  • secofluid-processDisassembly and inspection of parts
  • Refurbishment estimate (except flat rate)
  • Replacement of damaged parts with original parts
  • Systematic change of seals and bearings
  • Sending to the test bench
  • Adjustment to original values according to manufacturer's recommendations
  • Records - Repair Certification
  • Possibility of complete hydrostatic transmission tests

Suitable means

test-bench-reparair We invite you to participate in tests dedicated to your equipment

  • A test bench equipped with a data acquisition system
  • Max. flow rate 500 l / min - Max. pressure 400 bar
  • A large stock of spare parts
  • A clear, clean repair shop conforming to Bosch Rexroth standards

SECOFLUID commitment

For more than a few years our workshop has been working according to the following rules:

  • Immediate support of your material in order to establish an offer within 48 hours
  • Repair of components only with original parts
  • A 6-month warranty on parts and labour in our workshops
  • Systematic transition to the test bench
  • Traceability of all repaired components 

For more information or to request information on one of our services, call our consultants on +33 2 40 02 13 13