Rental of hydraulic equipment


Dehydration and Filtration Unit FAM5:

In the case of water, gas and particulate pollution of your hydraulic systems, SECOFLUID offers you the rental of our dissolved or free water or gas retention unit.

"DIMICRON" technology bypass filtration ensures a high particle retention capacity tailored to your fluid quality requirements.

Bypass cleaning



Rental of filtration or filling unit: renting-hydraulic-equipment

For the filling and filtration of hydraulic systems SECOFLUID proposes the rental of our filtration and filling units:

  • Flow rate 30 to 60 l / min.
  • Fine filtration from 2 microns.


  • Rental by the day.
  • Definition of the connection and installation / removal of the unit by a specialised technician.
  • Control of the class of cleanliness and moisture content and oil analysis to be performed before and after the service.

  Please contact our service team to carry out the analysis you need.

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