SECOFLUID specialises in hydraulics as well as the associated control, and especially in servo-controls. Our control engineer is at your disposal to develop the technical control solutions for your systems with you.

control We support you from the beginning of a project in the development of the control specifications, from the simple junction box to the power cabinet equipped with a PLC, an HMI (human / machine interface) or one or more digital cards. ;riques.

We are able to design, install and prewire a cabinet or electrical box on the chassis of a plant, in order to deliver a fully integrated assembly.

We use the leading brands such as SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, UNITRONICS and GE FANUC, but we are able to integrate other brands of your choice.

As an official partner, we incorporate servo boards and digital axes from BOSCH REXROTH. However, we are able to offer the integration of other brands such as EATON, ATOS, WANDFLUH, WEST or others.

controlAs part of our studies, we write functional analyses and Grafcet validating all the different modes of operation of your systems.
Once the servo system is designed we establish a test protocol that validates all the functions required in the specification.

For this purpose, we have the means to supply equipment with a power of 132 kW at 50 Hz. For equipment of a higher power or at a different frequency (60 Hz for example for the offshore) we are equipped with suitable generator units.

Our teams of technicians support you from the commissioning of the control to the training so that you are autonomous in the use and maintenance of your installations.

Do not hesitate to contact us to establish the most suitable servo solution for your projects.

For more information or to request information on one of our services, call our consultants on +33 2 40 02 13 13